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Odyssey Con writing contest!

Hi all, I wanted to make sure you all know about the writing contest Odyssey Con is sponsoring.

Please go here http://www.oddcon.com/contest.html for details.

Thanks and any help spreading the word will be appreciated.

A group of us were sitting around tonight, talking about how to get writing done!

la_luna_llena says, "Letting yourself freewrite for even 15 minutes a day is a good idea. You can do it anywhere -- the bus, the break room, even the bathroom. Sometimes this kicks off an idea that you can build on."

sasha_feather says:
Being part of a writers' group is great for me, because it gives me deadlines. Nothing motivates me like a deadline!
Hanging out with writers and talking about it has been a terrific motivator as well. It can help give you perspective on your work.
Try to have fun with your writing!

suibhne_geilt says:

One of the things that I learned from the hell that is NaNoWriMo is that you've got to seek out the plots that are hidden in the world around you, and just let yourself run with it. Play the "what if" game, even if you drag it to the point of absurdity, because somewhere in there, you might find something that'll catch your imagination enough to keep your interest through the slog of actually writing a story.

That being said, this year, I've also had to teach myself to undo some of the bad NaNo habits, like simply running with any damn idea that happens to blow through your head. Sometimes, it's OK to say "y'know, that's a really crappy idea, and if I follow it, I'll write myself into a dead end." So I've been finding that balance point between letting a story run where it will, and being very deliberate about what I actually do or do not set to paper.


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